Success Stories

Pool Club

Donald, a 59 year old man, who after suffering a significant stroke in 2016 was experiencing some difficulties with his speech and had a weakness down his right side. As a result of this he had difficulty with his concentration and orientation. These circumstances led to Donald being stuck at home for a year – with him getting very frustrated and upset.

LAC spent time doing travel training with him – which was a very positive experience. The first day they took the bus he started to cry of happiness because he thought he could never travel again on a bus as he got lost very easily.

Donald then got a bus pass and he now goes anywhere he wants – he was even thinking of traveling all the way to France



 Donald’s Story

Donald is a 48 year old man who was referred to LAC this past July by his Support Worker.

The main reason for the referral was to find some activities for him in order to fill his week and to build his confidence.

In the past Donald used to give up on activities as he got bored and when we first met him we found him very shy.

LAC introduced him to the Health Walks at Sheddocksley Sports Centre and he decided to give it a try.

Turns out that Donald really enjoyed the walks and is taking part every week, where he is building his confidence and making friends with the lovely bunch of people there.

Well done Donald!



Michael’s Story

Michael, who is 59 years old and lives in Aberdeen, wanted to make the most out of life.

Michael was referred to LAC in June 2017 by Care Management as he wanted to become more independent and meet new friends. Michael only attended a social club once a week and the rest of the time he spent alone in his flat – apart from his daily visit to the local shop for his morning rolls. Michael has support from his family with daily telephone calls and home visits every other day.

When LAC first visited Michael he expressed an interest in Indoor Bowls as he used to bowl years ago. As a result, Michael now attends the Indoor Bowling Group at Cairncry Community Centre on a Tuesday afternoon and Friday evening. The group has made Michael very welcome and he always looks forward to laughter and chatting with all the members. Michael has also been invited to attend Cairncry Community Centre’s Christmas Party in December.

Louise’s Story

Louise, who is 24 years old and lives in Aberdeen, is an aspirational young woman who wants to make the most out of life.

Louise was referred to LAC in 2015 by Care Management as she wanted help to become more independent and meet new friends. Louise already worked 16 hours per week at the Café in Asda and volunteered at the Citadel on Fridays but felt that this wasn’t enough and expressed a desire to widen her interests and social circle. As well as working and volunteering she had recently started attending Boccia at Create and Mixed Fish Drama Group. With such a busy schedule we were unsure of what value LAC would be able to add to Louise’s already busy life.

Louise however, was very keen to fill her days as much as possible and soon she was going along to City Dance Moves, WEA Reach Out, Dynamics Group and another Boccia session run by Inspire. As Louise got into the routine of attending all of her new activities it was clear that her confidence was increasing and she was getting a lot out of having a very active social life. She was even beginning to form new friendships.

To top it off, as if Louise isn’t busy enough, her experiences of working alongside LAC to find new social opportunities combined with her new found confidence,  has led to her taking steps to set up her own Social Club!

Self Directed Support Success

The mum of a 16 year old with learning disabilities and Fragile X syndrome was concerned that, as he was about to leave school, she might have to give up her part-time job to become a full-time carer. She had been receiving help from a Care Manager and had also contacted Inspire PTL’s Volunteer Co-ordinator for help. She suggested a referral to LAC and passed the details onto us. We had a great first meeting with the young person and his mum and ascertained what was needed and what LAC could do to help.

The first thing was independent travel training, but it soon became clear that for health and safety reasons this was not practical – at least we tried.

We then discussed Self Directed Support (SDS), whereby the family would have more of a say on how money was spent. Mum had mentioned this to the Care Manager who had intimated that it was a difficult thing to deal with. We explained the relative simplicity of the scheme and the different options available, then contacted Care Management to try and pursue this.

To cut a long, protracted story short, the end outcome was that SDS was granted, allowing the young person to arrange transport to a work placement, where he is supported and Mum is still in her part-time job – success!

Travel Training Success

LAC work closely with Project Search, based at the University of Aberdeen, to ensure that the Interns Team Photocan travel independently and safely from home to the course. We meet the Interns at the start of each year, explain what LAC do and invite them to contact us if they think we can assist them.

This year, three Interns were referred to us by Catriona McCarle, Job Coach at Project Search, as they were identified as requiring independent travel training. This is a mixture of how to use a bus and road safety.

As Catriona had given us plenty of notice, we were able to work with the young people to ensure that they are familiar with their various routes as well as the basics such as crossing roads safely. We will also be able to assist the Interns to travel to their work placements in the future, should it be required.