Community Inclusion

  • Everyone should have the same right to be involved in their community
  • Families, friends or Support Workers can all help you play a full part in your local community
  • Everyone should have access to information that they understand when they need it
  • Community life is much better when everyone can take part in it

So what does Aberdeen LAC do to promote community inclusion?

By talking to the local community centres, sports facilities and schools etc. we can find out what is already available in a community and pass this information on to the people we work with. We have a wealth of knowledge about groups within Aberdeen and use this expertise to bring people together so that we can all help each other.

If we discover a need for a service within a community we can advise the appropriate people of that need, whether it be helping to set up new classes, sports groups, or whatever people tell us is missing.
Sometimes people do not need extra services but just need help to meet other people with the same interests. We can help set up new user led groups which can continue to be run by the people themselves.

When we find a problem that we feel we can’t deal with alone we can contact people in the Council, Health Boards or other organisations for expert advice. The great thing about LACs is that we have the flexibility to contact anyone if an individual with a learning disability or a community is going to benefit.